For Screen Printing: If you are providing your artwork in a 'pixel' format (EPS, TIF, PSD) the ideal resolution would be 300 DPI at full size. We cannot use GIF format or any other web resolution (72 DPI) artwork for screen printing, but we may be able to help you re-create your low resolution artwork for a fee.

For best results with spot color artwork, use 'vector' art formats (AI & EPS). Acrobat PDF files may be an acceptable format but artwork in a Word Document or PowerPoint file will usually have to be re-created.

Remember for best results always save the file in the original program it was created in. Try to avoid placing artwork from one program into another unless you include the original files as well.

For Embroidery: We can often use lower resolution artwork (i.e. 72 DPI) but embroidery does have it's limitations on what can be done. Fonts often need to be a bit beefier in order to be legible and color gradients are very hard to reproduce accurately.

For Patches: Follow the same guidelines that you would for Screen Printing.

For Promotional Items: Vector formats (AI & EPS) work best for accurate reproductions of company logos and text.

For Vinyl Graphics: Vector format (AI & EPS) are a must. If you cannot supply your own artwork in these formats you will be charged an art fee to recreate your graphic.


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